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Since the early years of life, art has been an important part of my life. Drawing was always a getaway, but so was writing. I was in 4th grade when I wrote my first unpublished book. I stayed up all night typing it up in an old school typewriter my parents bought me. I preferred the older typewriter over our new one. Always have been an old soul. I took art all four years in High School. From Art 101, to Airbrush, and Ceramics.  One of my favorite classes was Creative Writing. Then I took some Art in college. But I was lost, I wasn't sure what I wanted to pursue as a career so I dropped out of school. got married, became a mother, and art was lost for many years. Casually writing and drawing from time to time but nothing more. It wasn't until recent years that I got my inspiration back, and with full force.

Now I'm here, ready to create all things art and mainly focusing on getting small businesses up and running wether it's with a logo, entire branding kit, or even a product photo. Let's curate something specific to your needs. 

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